Meural is making even more connections with NFTs



Meural & NFTs

NFTs have been transforming the way we interact with digital culture and the Meural line of digital canvases was not only built in anticipation of this shift, we at NETGEAR are continually working through this platform to make digital art more accessible to a wider audience while helping collectors bring their pieces to life and hang them on the walls just as they would any painting or print. To further this vision, we’re introducing some new partnerships that will help to make it a reality for even more people.

First, we’ve joined the SuperRare DAO. Investing in $RARE tokens, we’re putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to artist sovereignty. Working with the SuperRare community, we hope to develop an effective and equitable licensing model for displaying NFTs on digital displays. You can read all recently released announcements here.

We kicked it all off this week with an event at the SuperRare Gallery in New York where I spoke with Emilio Cazares, Legal Innovation Counsel for SuperRare Labs, NFT collector Punk2070 and NFT artist Sauce_k. We’ll continue the discussion today on the SuperRare Twitter space at 10 a.m. PT. You can tune in live or catch the posted recording. Meural will showcase approximately 100 works, curated by SuperRare, on the Meural platform so members can see these works in their very own pop-up galleries.

At the same time, we also announced our upcoming support for the Solana blockchain. Starting next month, NFT collectors will be able to connect their Phantom wallet to display their NFTs on Meural, just like we did for MetaMask and Coinbase. You can read more in our press release or if you happen to be in the New York area be sure to stop by Solana Spaces in Hudson Yards where Meural will anchor a visual NFT experience. Solana Spaces is the world’s first physical retail, educational and community space dedicated to Web3 where visitors will be able to learn about NFTs, DeFi, blockchain and various Web3 projects.

We’ve understood digital art from the beginning and since the inception of Meural in 2015 we’ve sought to provide new models for supporting it. As the NFT space continues to grow, Meural is evolving to shape the future of curation, distribution and artist empowerment so everyone can enjoy the benefits that new and exciting art can bring to our lives.

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