Work or Play Outdoors: Effortless Garden WiFi with Your Mesh System



Wouldn’t it be great to have a strong and reliable internet connection for extending WiFi coverage outdoors in the garden? Now you can, with NETGEAR Orbi whole-home WiFi mesh systems that cover your entire home including the garden with blazing-fast WiFi.

Embrace Seamless Connectivity: Extend Your Living Space with Outdoor Mesh WiFi

The Need for Seamless Outdoor Connectivity in the UK

Modern UK living often extends beyond the four walls of our homes, encompassing gardens, patios, and even garden offices. With the increasing reliance on technology for work, leisure, and staying connected, having reliable WiFi coverage in these outdoor spaces is essential. Traditional routers often struggle to deliver a strong signal outdoors, leading to frustrating dead zones and buffering. However, mesh WiFi systems are changing the game, seamlessly extending your network to every corner of your property.

What is Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi systems are wireless networks that connect your WiFi router with WiFi mesh satellites to expand internet coverage. In a Mesh system, connected devices are seamlessly handed over to the router or satellite with the strongest WiFi signal in a given area of your home – upstairs, downstairs, and even outdoors in the garden.

Mesh WiFi is a great solution for large homes where a single router can’t provide adequate coverage. Mesh WiFi systems give you the flexibility to place satellites in different areas of your home for optimal whole-home WiFi coverage, eliminating WiFi dead spots throughout the space. The latest NETGEAR Orbi 970 Series mesh systems can take WiFi connectivity to places that WiFi extenders and amplifiers simply can’t reach, with benefits that include:

    • Automatic configuration. There’s no need to manually set up each satellite. The entire system can be configured with a single password so you can move through your home with uninterrupted connectivity. The WiFi signal is seamlessly passed between your router and satellites.
    • Superfast WiFi speeds. Multi-Gig speeds are a reality with Orbi mesh networks. Whereas WiFi extenders relay a slower, weaker signal, WiFi mesh distributes the signal evenly across your entire home, without noticeable loss of speed or connection quality.
    • Network reliability. Today’s UK households can have 20+ connected devices. NETGEAR Orbi 970 can handle more than 200 devices in concurrent use for streaming, conferencing, gaming, and much more.

    Goodbye, Patio Dead Zones

    WiFi signal strength diminishes as we move farther away from the router. This can be an obstacle outside in the garden or even the garden office, limiting our ability to work, stream videos, or stay connected with friends and family. Luckily, the latest WiFi mesh systems can extend your WiFi range and bring the internet outdoors.
    Fast wireless speeds and seamless connectivity are essential for remote networking, and having stable and reliable WiFi signal in outdoor areas is more important than ever. NETGEAR Orbi mesh WiFi makes it possible to enjoy internet access in the back garden. To increase WiFi coverage even further, simply connect another add-on satellite to your Orbi mesh system.

    Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity

    NETGEAR Orbi WiFi mesh systems are expandable. The main router is connected as usual to a power source while the satellite nodes are then strategically placed inside the home to create indoor and outdoor WiFi mesh system. Walk around your property with your Orbi App and take measurements of the WiFi signal strength in different areas to determine the best position for the satellite nodes.

    The satellites relay the wireless signal between each other and the main router for blanket whole-home WiFi coverage. Orbi tri-band WiFi and quad-band WiFi satellites include directional internal antennas so you can aim the powerful signal at specific outdoor areas in the garden. Mesh WiFi advantages include:

    • Eliminating WiFi dead zones.
    • Bypassing dense materials such as brick walls.
    • Providing seamless WiFi coverage for large and complex or extended layouts.
    • Enjoying superfast WiFi speeds indoors and outdoors.
    • Smart home applications such as security cameras, smart TVs, and Amazon Alexa.

    Effortless Entertaining and Remote Work Al Fresco

    NETGEAR Orbi mesh WiFi is transforming the way we work and play. Imagine the outdoors with the ability to enjoy high-definition video calls, music streaming for a garden party. NETGEAR Orbi mesh router systems can make it happen at your place.

    Traditional extenders and WiFi boosters often aren’t powerful enough to extend WiFi outdoors. Plus, you will be required to manually change your WiFi settings each time you move from the router to the extender.

NETGEAR: Your Trusted Partner for WiFi Connectivity

As a world leading WiFi band since the 1990s, NETGEAR understands that every internet user is different. The NETGEAR WiFi product range covers all bases for work, school, and play, whether you live in a small home or a sprawling estate. The latest WiFi 7 standard introduces users to a whole new WiFi networking experience for indoor and outdoor environments, with the capability to connect to 200+ devices simultaneously, without compromising wireless signal quality or gigabit per second speeds.

Orbi WiFi mesh systems connect using bandwidths on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, or 6GHz channels. WiFi 7 mesh system routers can even combine bandwidths or split channels to create stronger connections in outdoor spaces. In addition, you can create a private network, guest network, and smart home network. Connect wirelessly or by using the built-in Orbi satellite Ethernet ports for dedicated devices and fastest available internet speeds.

Easy Setup and Intuitive Management

Set up the Orbi mesh system in minutes using the Orbi app. Bring your WiFi to the party, wherever and whenever you need it, with Orbi. NETGEAR Orbi Mesh offers the fastest available WiFi for today and a future-proofed tomorrow.