Orbi Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul



The NETGEAR Orbi 970 Series WiFi 7 mesh system is a standout performer with impressive speeds and wide 360° coverage. Innovative Orbi WiFi 7 features, such as Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul, make it the most advanced and powerful home and small office networking system on the market.

What is the Purpose of Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul?

Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul is advanced technology that builds on NETGEAR’s WiFi 7 technology. It uses Multi Link Operation (MLO) to create a backhaul connection across multiple bands between the Orbi router and its satellites. The result is a potential 10 Gbps speeds across the entire Orbi mesh system, eliminating WiFi dead spots.

Orbi 970 Series WiFi 7 is wireless networking at its best. You can also connect to dedicated devices with the Ethernet cable connections on the router and satellites. This allows a combination of wired and wireless backhaul based on household design and the connected network devices. Ethernet backhaul can be used to connect a router to a satellite or even to connect a satellite to another satellite for the fastest available internet speeds.

The Dedicated 5GHz Advantage

The 5GHz signal can travel further between the router and satellite compared to a 6GHz signal, to ensure maximum whole-home WiFi coverage.
The 5GHz band is also used for fronthaul WiFi client devices on Orbi 970 home networks. As many current WiFi client devices use 5GHz, Orbi 970 utilises the 5GHz band to ensure a strong WiFi connection.

Enhancing Backhaul using the 6GHz Band

The 6GHz spectrum has been available since the introduction of WiFi 6E. However, WiFi 7 makes use of the 6GHz band more efficiently to achieve 2.4 x times faster speeds. The bandwidth is doubled from 160 MHz to 320 MHz with WiFi 7, it is like doubling the number of lanes on a motorway allowing more traffic to travel. Plus, WiFi 7 uses 4K QAM, compared to 1K QAM in WiFi 6E. The higher QAM results in a 20% speed increase.
Orbi 970 mesh WiFi systems uses the 6GHz radio band and when combined with 5GHz band, resulting in up to 10 Gig faster backhaul.

The MLO Advantage

Link aggregation technology is not new, but WiFi 7 takes MLO (multi-link operation) to the next performance level. WiFi 7 MLO combines WiFi links at the physical level, so there is virtually no additional latency. This is a huge advantage for high bandwidth activities such as multi-player cloud gaming, and other data-hungry applications.

Orbi 970 and Legacy WiFi devices

Orbi 970 users will get performance benefits from WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 devices. As Orbi 970 is a mesh system, it takes full advantage of WiFi 7 technology, increasing the backhaul speed from 2 Gbps to 10Gbps. This 5x improvement is passed on to all the client devices, firmware, IOS systems and more for a huge improvement in coverage and speed.

Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul with Orbi 970

Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul is another great WiFi technology that Orbi 970 takes advantage of. WiFi 7 benefits include unparalleled speeds, reduced latency, and whole-home WiFi mesh coverage for homes of all sizes and layouts. NETGEAR Orbi 970 WiFi 7 showcases state-of-the-art features for the future of wireless networking.

An Orbi 970 mesh system will improve any home or small office WiFi network. NETGEAR Orbi 970 systems include the main router and satellites that relay WiFi signals all over the house where WiFi coverage begins to struggle. The router and satellites all have Ethernet ports for dedicated connections. The entire mesh network is easy to set up with the Orbi App, including NETGEAR Armor advanced WPA3 encrypted security and smart parental controls to ensure your network is protected against malicious intruders.

The NETGEAR Orbi 970 whole home mesh system elevates the online experience with blazing-fast internet speeds for all connected devices. Orbi Dedicated Backhaul is a game-changer, facilitating seamless WiFi coverage across the whole home. WiFi 7 introduces us to entirely new possibilities, and Orbi 970 is leading the way.