5G Pocket WiFi, 5G Internet Speed



5G Mobile Hotspots give you the freedom to unleash blazing-fast WiFi at home or on the road. In Australian regions where slow or spotty WiFi is the norm, NETGEAR Nighthawk offers an upgrade to 5G-powered internet that’s a clear improvement in connectivity. When you’re out and about, Nighthawk is mobile WiFi (portable WiFi) at its best, small enough to carry in a pocket or purse, yet powerful enough for work and play without buffering, lag, or dropouts.

What is Next-Generation Mobile WiFi?

Mobile hotspots provide online connectivity for road trips, business travel, or as an alternative to slow broadband home internet. Secure and seamless WiFi connectivity is essential for many people today, and the latest Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro 5G wireless hotspots make it happen. Mobile broadband speed, reliability, and network security are all vastly improved with Nighthawk mobile WiFi, giving you the 5G connectivity required for modern lifestyles

A 5G or 5G mmWave mobile broadband hotspot device has the capability for 24/7 high-speed internet for multiple connected devices simultaneously. Public WiFi networks found in coffee shops and internet cafes are convenient, but security can be an issue, with the potential for confidential information to be compromised. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro Mobile Hotspots are the solution, created with encrypted security for up to 32 devices in concurrent use.

What is NETGEAR Nighthawk In-Home Performance Mode?

In-Home Performance Mode is a groundbreaking NETGEAR technology. Activating this mode for home broadband M6 or M6 Pro WiFi will double your home internet coverage up to 180 sq. m. In-Home Performance Mode also unlocks superfast 2.5Gbps speeds from the Ethernet port for streaming 4K videos, gaming, HD streaming, and more. Explore more to find out which Nighthawk M6 or M6 Pro 5G Mobile Hotspot is right for you.

Why Choose a Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot?

The Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro Mobile Hotspots use 5G and mmWave technology to deliver multi-gigabit speeds and low latency even in crowded WiFi areas. The latest Nighthawk hotspots are ideal for business and personal use and sharing sensitive data securely. NETGEAR Nighthawk can take networking to the next level, supported by major broadband WiFi networks in Australia.
With an unlocked mobile hotspot, you can choose your internet service provider (ISP) and WiFi broadband plan. Providers for transformative NETGEAR Nighthawk and NETGEAR Orbi wireless broadband connections include Optus, Vodafone, and Telstra 5G networks. Faster speeds are a reality with NETGEAR.

Advantages of NETGEAR Router 5G home internet plans

NETGEAR has been a leader in all things WiFi since the 1990s, and the tradition continues. NETGEAR WiFi routers, WiFi modems, and 5G hotspots are considered by many to be the best on the market for lots of good reasons, including:

Best Hotspot for Business Applications

Remote workers can connect with multiple devices and colleagues simultaneously, with unmatched upload speeds and full network security. 5G mobile hotspots also give you an alternative during outages and other disruptions on wired networks.

Mobile WiFi Unleashed

5G mmWave is a quantum leap into the future of networking. Whether travelling with family or for business, you are assured of the fastest available WiFi 6 or WiFi 6E capability wherever your journey takes you, both in Australia and internationally.

Convenient International Roaming

With the Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro unlocked mobile hotspot, you can enjoy ultra-fast dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi with seamless roaming in over 125 countries. Switch carriers in seconds with a SIM card swap and corresponding data plan. You can prepay for your plan upfront or choose a recurring payment cycle.

Trusted WiFi Security

Wherever you travel with a NETGEAR Nighthawk mobile router, trusted and secure Nighthawk encrypted security goes with you. With Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspots, you never need to worry about sensitive data being exposed on unsecured public WiFi.

At Home and On the Road

Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspots are small enough for your pocket, yet powerful enough for unimpeded connectivity wherever you are. Use the In-Home Performance Mode for even more home wireless range and speed.

Extending 5G Coverage

Did you know you can add an external Omnidirectional MIMO antenna to boost mobile WiFi reception. This can make a tremendous improvement in remote places and fringe network areas where network coverage is sparse.

More Connection Options

Use wireless broadband or wired connection options such as the USB port or a dedicated Ethernet port. Mbps speeds are a thing of the past with Nighthawk WiFi hotspots and routers that deliver multi-gigabit speeds.

Effortless Set-Up and Monitoring

Easily set up and monitor your mobile hotspot using the Nighthawk M6 or M6 Pro touch screen. Effortlessly set up, share access, change settings, and oversee device usage from wherever you are.

All-Day WiFi Power

Nighthawk Mobile Hotspots come with a powerful battery for up to 13-hours of continuous device use. Purchase a second battery and never worry again about the battery life of your mobile hotspot.

High Performance Capabilities

Speed, coverage, reliability, and security are all prioritised with NETGEAR Nighthawk and NETGEAR Orbi. The NETGEAR reputation is built on high performance for today’s savvy internet users.

M6 Pro (MR6550) vs M6 (MR6110) Specs Side-by-Side

Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G mmWave WiFi 6E Mobile Hotspot Router
  • The fastest available hotspot, with potential 5G mmWave speeds up to 8Gbps.
  • A versatile travel companion for business, holidays, and everyday commutes.
  • Swap SIM cards and data plans in more than125 countries worldwide.
  • A Seamless and secure connection for up to 32 devices in concurrent use.
  • 5G mmWave for enhanced performance in busy WiFi areas.
  • Superfast 2.5 Gig Ethernet port for high-bandwidth, business-critical applications.
  • Use the power adapter to boost WiFi coverage up to 180 sq. m.
  • Effortless activation and monitoring with the intuitive 2.8″ LCD touchscreen.
Nighthawk M6 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Hotspot Router
  • Seamless WiFi with blazing-fast 5G speeds up to 2.5Gbps
  • Unlocked device for a wide range of SIM cards and data plans.
  • Powerful WiFi 6 speeds up to 3.6Gbps & connectivity up to 32 devices simultaneously.
  • A safe and secure WiFi connection, unlike risky public WiFi.
  • Powerful WiFi 6 speeds for up to 32 devices simultaneously.
  • Use the power adapter to boost WiFi coverage up to 180 sq. m.
  • 1 Gig Ethernet port for ultra-fast priority connections.
  • Effortlessly set up and monitoring with the 2.4″ colour LCD touchscreen.

Phone tethering and dedicated hotspots


With phone tethering, you can use your existing mobile phone and data plan to share an internet connection with a laptop, tablet, or other device. Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro portable WiFi hotspot devices, on the other hand, are more powerful and automatically connect to the nearest mobile broadband tower with the strongest WiFi signal. Both phone plan and hotspot plan options have specific advantages and applications worth considering.
The word ‘hotspot’ is sometimes used interchangeably when discussing cell phone tethering, portable hotspot devices, and hotspot locations. While smartphones can act as a hotspot, their performance doesn’t match the capabilities of dedicated M6 and M6 Pro hotspot devices.
Nighthawk hotspots offer up to 10X more speed than mobile phone tethering. Network coverage and connections are also dramatically improved. NETGEAR mobile WiFi hotspots are also security encrypted to ensure your files and information aren’t compromised online. Phone tethering can be a good solution in some situations, but when you need secure, high-performance WiFi, Nighthawk delivers superior results.

Mobile hotspots for international business and travel

For business travellers who need internet access around the globe, Nighthawk M6 Pro is the solution. M6 Pro has international roaming in 125 countries, allowing you to access the internet and connect with colleagues during travels abroad without the need to buy additional SIM cards in the countries you visit. With unlocked M6 Pro, you can also swap SIM cards in seconds to switch to the provider of your choice for customised international WiFi flexibility.

Who benefits from 5G mmWave?

M6 Pro 5G mmWave delivers excellent performance in crowded and outdoor areas with many WiFi users, such as business districts and public spaces. In addition, the next-generation technology after 4G LTE, 5G Sub-6 GHz, allows users to experience higher 5G performance and improved efficiency where mmWave is not available. It also has a longer range than 5G mmWave which allows the signal to easily reach inside buildings.
5G mmWave mobile hotspot technology is becoming an essential feature of various industries and use cases, including:

  • Social media influencers who need an ultra-fast connection.
  • Gamers who want a secure WiFi signal with low latency.
  • Professionals looking for a high-speed mobile network connection for video conferencing.
  • Businesses wanting a secure and reliable wireless network.
  • Emergency responders who need unlimited data and a strong connection at all times.
  • Consumers looking for internet hotspot plans suitable for densely populated WiFi areas.
  • AR/VR applications for education, industry, entertainment, healthcare, and more.

The difference between 5G mmWave and 5G Sub-6 GHz

We are all starting to use 5G technology in our daily lives. 5G networks offer improvements on 4G LTE mobile hotspots, but there are two types of 5G worth knowing about, called Sub-6 and mmWave. Sub-6 5G uses frequencies below 6GHz where 4G, 3G, and 2G networks have historically operated. WiFi tower upgrades have allowed 5G to work alongside 4G throughout much of Australia, although Sub-6 GHz 5G is only marginally faster when under the constraints of the 4G network.

5G mmWave is different, using dramatically higher frequencies from 30GHz to 300GHz. This entirely new network has no relation to the existing 4G networks. By using a new bandwidth spectrum, 5G mmWave networks can deliver blazing-fast WiFi speeds with ultra-low latency. 5G mmWave capability includes 3Gbps download speeds, 1-millisecond latency, and real-time communications for a wide range of applications. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G mmWave WiFi 6E Mobile Hotspot Routers offers superior WiFi performance.

Mobile hotspot WiFi data offloading

Connecting to public WiFi poses increased security risks for users. These networks are sometimes successfully impersonated, and malicious intruders can infiltrate the network to steal information, with 100% visibility into everything you send over their impersonated network.
This serious problem can be overcome with a technology called WiFi Data Offloading. WiFi Data offloading enhances connectivity in indoor environments where mobile signals may be weak, while also protecting you from the risks of public WiFi networks by encrypting your data.
M6 and M6 Pro hotspots can seamlessly switch between connecting to the internet via mobile or local WiFi networks. Connected hotspot devices can achieve improved signal strength and reliable connections within buildings, homes, or offices, without compromising your valuable data.

Nighthawk M6 & M6 Pro - The future is now

5G has provided a powerful new level of performance for mobile hotspots, Nighthawk M6 and M6 Pro mobile WiFi hotspots provide true high-performance for today’s ever-more-demanding applications, with much more capability than older generations of hotspots. The future has arrived for uncompromising WiFi performance at home and on the go.

Embrace the power of portable Nighthawk WiFi

NETGEAR M6 & M6 Pro Mobile Hotspots can deliver wireless speeds on par with the top tier home modem/routers. Nighthawk gives you the freedom to connect from wherever you are, in over 125 countries worldwide, so you can keep up with business targets while still keeping in touch with family and friends back home.