Orbi Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul



NETGEAR Orbi 970 Series WiFi 7 mesh systems are standout quad-band technology performers with blazing-fast speeds and wide 360° WiFi coverage. Orbi WiFi 7 includes an Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul channel, making it the most advanced and powerful WiFi networking system on the market today.

What is the Purpose of Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul?

Quadband WiFiEnhanced Dedicated Backhaul technology builds on progressive NETGEAR WiFi innovations. Orbi 970 WiFi 7 uses Multi-Link Operation (MLO) to create a dedicated 5GHz backhaul connection between the Orbi router and its satellites. This results in real-world speeds of 27Gbps (theoretically 40Gbps) across the entire whole-home network mesh system.

Orbi 970 Series WiFi 7 is wireless networking at its best. Along with superfast WiFi, you can also connect with built-in Ethernet port connections on the router and satellites. This combination of wired and wireless internet port backhaul options is perfect for large homes where everyone under one roof can have their own space for streaming, study, work, or gaming without unwanted buffering or lag. Orbi WiFi 7 Ethernet backhaul can connect between the router and a satellite or from satellite to satellite to guarantee the fastest available internet speeds.

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The Dedicated 5GHz Advantage

NETGEAR Orbi 970 systems operate on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands. These bandwidths can be divided into multiple channels. Advanced Orbi WiFi 7 systems can also combine channels, split useable channel portions, and automatically switch between channels to capture the strongest wireless signal at all times. The 5GHz signal can travel further between the router and satellites than the 6GHz signal. Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul on the 5GHz band ensures strong and reliable whole-home WiFi coverage upstairs and downstairs, from the front door to the back garden.

Enhancing Backhaul using the 6GHz Band

Wireless networking systems have progressed dramatically since their introduction in the 1990s. The 6GHz spectrum has been available since tri-band WiFi 6E was introduced in 2020. NETGEAR Orbi WiFi 7 uses the 6GHz band more efficiently to achieve 2.4 x times faster speeds than its predecessor. Available bandwidth is doubled from 160MHz to 320MHz with WiFi 7. This improves internet speeds and capacity, comparable to doubling the number of lanes on a motorway to allow more traffic to travel uncongested.

WiFi 7 also uses 4K Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) compared to 1K QAM in WiFi 6E. This higher QAM results in a 20% speed increase at peak data rates. Orbi quad-band WiFi systems use the 6GHz and 5GHz bandwidths to deliver multi-gigabit speeds expected by today’s savvy networkers. NETGEAR Orbi and Nighthawk WiFi 7 routers are purpose-built to enable high-definition streaming, multi-player gaming, conferencing without buffering, large file downloads, and virtual reality for work and play.

WiFi 7 vs. WiFi 6 vs. WiFi 5

The MLO Advantage

Link aggregation technology has evolved, and WiFi 7 takes MLO (multi-link operation) to the next performance level. WiFi 7 MLO combines WiFi links at the physical level to achieve ultra-low latency networking. This is a huge advantage for high bandwidth data-hungry activities like multi-player cloud gaming. NETGEAR Orbi whole-home mesh systems employ advanced WiFi 7 technologies to empower users with three separate networks: home network, guest network, and smart home Internet of Things (IoT) network.

The three-pack Orbi RBE973S mesh WiFi system (Orbi router and 3 Orbi satellites) can cover up to 10,000 square feet of your home with multi-gig internet. This amazing system with an enhanced dedicated backhaul can connect 200 devices simultaneously for smooth and seamless home networking. Today’s Australian smart homes can house dozens of WiFi-enabled devices that include Windows laptops, Apple iPads and iPhones, Samsung smartphones, gaming consoles, security cameras, smart TVs, VR headsets, Alexa sound systems, and more.

High-performance home internet is now a reality with NETGEAR Orbi mesh router systems and NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 7 routers. An increase in backhaul and throughput WiFi speeds from 2Gbps to 10Gbps can be expected. These routers are also backward compatible, meaning your older WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 devices will continue to function optimally. The full benefit of superfast WiFi 7 will be realised as you progressively upgrade your devices.

Why Choose Orbi 970 with Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul?

Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul is a big WiFi breakthrough made possible by WiFi 7. NETGEAR Orbi systems work in sync with the technology from your modem and router to the Orbi satellite antennas and beyond. This is state-of-the-art WiFi router technology at its best, without the need for additional adapters or WiFi extenders. There is much more NETGEAR WiFi 7 offers, including:

  • Preamble Puncturing – WiFi channels already in use can be split ‘punctured’ into usable portions.
  • Target Wake Time – You can program devices and smart home applications to ‘wake up’ at predetermined times.
  • NETGEAR Armor Security – WPA3 encrypted security with VPN powered by Bitdefender for protection from spam, malware, and other malicious intrusions.
  • Strict Parental Controls – Ensures your loved ones are engaged in safe online activities.
  • Automatic Firmware Downloads – Your networks are always optimised to deliver amazing WiFi 7 capabilities.

Future-Proofed Whole-Home Networking with NETGEAR

Orbi WiFi 7 systems deliver the high speeds and strong wireless signals required to blanket homes of all sizes and layouts with Gbps internet. You can connect wirelessly or with wired Ethernet LAN ports. For more WiFi coverage across your entire property, simply add another Orbi satellite. Your entire whole-home system of connected devices can be set up in minutes using the Handy Orbi App.

With NETGEAR Orbi 970 whole home mesh systems, WiFi dead zones are a thing of the past. NETGEAR has been a world leader in WiFi innovation and technology development for decades, and we remain committed to showcasing the best progressive wireless technology, including enhanced dedicated backhaul. The future is now with NETGEAR.