Education Connected

Educational facilities are under tremendous demand to provide fast, reliable WiFi for students and faculty alike. With limited dedicated personnel and budgets and where many have multiple devices that require robust connectivity, NETGEAR has the simple, affordable, and proven wireless solutions that make connected learning easier and available for all.

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SOHO 1-20 Users

Doing more with less is one of the keys to success for any business. And every business, no matter how small, needs a reliable network and fail safe storage for all of the valuable files and data that are critical to running your business. Click here to learn more about how to design your network and protect your data as you grow, without complexity or high costs.

Small Business 20-100 Users

We understand that your small business has unique needs when it comes to networking and storage solutions. You need the perfect balance of advanced features with the scalability of enterprise solutions and the simplicity and affordability that is the right fit for your business. Advanced technologies such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, switch stacking, and unlimited snapshots are now within reach of the SMB, without breaking the bank or settling for less when it comes to having a network that grows with your business. Learn More »

Mid-sized Business 100-500 Users

Today’s highly competitive business climate demands networking solutions that bring immediate and high ROI. You need enterprise features with less complex deployment and minimal training. Click here to learn more about Mid-size Business Solutions that will deliver security, reliability and strategies to protect your mission critical data for your fast growing business. Learn More »