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      Case Study: Dundas Museum
      Ontario’s Dundas Museum & Archives makes the most of high-tech innovations to tell stories about the past. This combination of the old and the new help the museum engage with visitors of all ages to create a seamless and compelling experience. An integral part of how the museum achieves this is NETGEAR Insight Pro supplied by a local specialist, Birmingham Consulting. Insight Pro gives the museum and its visitors consistent, high-speed, and reliable wireless communications throughout the site whether streaming video, slideshows, or accessing information on iPads and other devices while moving from room to room. Insight Pro has also helped achieve more efficient and cost-effective management of the museum’s facilities as well as providing a flexible, scalable platform for the future. The icing on the cake is that Insight Pro also supports the museum’s robust security strategy.


        • Challenges

          The museum had been using WiFi for years, but over time the demand on the network has increased considerably with more users, devices, and bandwidth-hungry applications.

        • Customer Quote

          “Insight Pro means we have been able to easily configure WiFi to be switched off outside opening hours. So people wandering around outside the perimeter cannot hack into the network. ” Kevin Puddister, Museum Curator and General Manager

        • Solution

          Insight Pro gives Dundas Museum consistent, high-speed, and reliable wireless communications. Streaming video, slideshows, or accessing information on devices while moving from room to room is now seamless

        • NETGEAR Solution

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