AirCard Mobile Hotspot – your everywhere connection.

Aircard Mobile Hotspots open the world of anytime, anywhere mobile broadband Internet to WiFi devices and applications. NETGEAR offers the latest in products to meet customer demand for better WiFi everywhere. 

AirCard devices turns wireless connection into a mobile hotspot that supports any WiFi enabled device. Not only laptops, but also digital cameras, PDAs, tablets, printers and game consoles can now connect to the Internet through high speed mobile broadband networks whenever and wherever.

AirCard 810S Mobile Hotspot

Experience Mobile Broadband Like Never Before…

The AirCard 810S is NETGEAR’s first commercial mobile hotspot to feature support for Category 11 LTE and 3-band Carrier Aggregation, with the ability to achieve theoretical download speeds of 600 Mbps. AirCard 810S is not only fast but also extremely user-friendly. With a simplified touch screen interface, a long-lasting battery, and a unique jump boosting feature, AirCard 810S is well positioned to offer you a superior mobile broadband experience like never before.

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AirCard 791S Mobile Hotspot

Premium Power & Performance

The AirCard 791S mobile hotspot packs ultimate power and performance in one device for fast, reliable WiFi on-the-go – even when traveling internationally. It offers an incredible battery life of up to 24 hours, and even charges your smartphone. But more importantly, it’s secure and easy-to-use – making this the ideal travel companion for work or pleasure.

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AirCard 779S Mobile Hotspot

Slim, Sleek, and Shareable WiFi

Enjoy secure LTE connectivity on any WiFi enabled device with the touch of a button. An ideal travel companion, the AirCard 779S Mobile Hotspot is an ultra-sleek device that makes it easy to connect to the Internet while on-the-go. It’s secure, portable, and lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge.

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AirCard 790S Mobile Hotspot

Top Speed with Exceptional Features

AirCard 790S is a category 6 LTE mobile hotspot leveraging 802.11ac Wi-Fi and carrier aggregation technology to deliver astonishing download speeds reaching 300Mbps.  It’s equipped with an intuitive color touchscreen, a long-lasting battery, and it supports the 700 MHz spectrum providing extra in-building coverage and faster-than-ever 4G speeds.

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AirCard 785S Mobile Hotspot

Telstra Pre-Paid 4G My Pocket Wi-Fi Ultimate

Compact, powerful, and future ready

Ensure the best speed and performance for up to 10 main and 5 guest WiFi devices almost anywhere you go with the AirCard 785S Mobile Hotspot. It’s sleek, compact and loaded with powerful features such as an integrated data usage meter, dual-band WiFi and a long lasting battery.

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AirCard 778S Mobile Hotspot

NETGEAR MingleTM Mobile Hotspot
Broadband 2 Go
Stay connected and in-the-know even when you’re on the go with the AirCard® 778S Mobile Hotspot. This versatile 4G LTE mobile hotspot is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts up to 12.5 hours and a vivid LCD display to keep you informed of your data usage and network connectivity at a glance.

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AirCard 781S Mobile Hotspot

Your ultimate travel companion

Be confident knowing you can connect with friends and family using the latest in 4G LTE and WiFi technology. This powerful device will last up to 16 hours and will even give your smartphone a boost when it’s low on battery.

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AirCard® 782S Mobile Hotspot


Unleash the speed of 4G Advanced.

Keep customers’ lives connected at top speed almost anywhere they go with the AirCard® 782S, also known as the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced – the first 4G Advanced device from NETGEAR. 

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AirCard 771S Mobile Hotspot

NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot

Make the world your hotspot.

The new AirCard 771S Mobile Hotspot roams on the GSM network, so that you can stay connected globally. This sleek device also features an intuitive touchscreen, a battery that lasts up to 10 hours, and advanced security options.

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AirCard 770S Mobile Hotspot

AT&T Unite

Fast 4G LTE speed. Enhanced WiFi security. Cool new touchscreen.

The AirCard 770S dazzles with a new color touchscreen, 4G LTE speeds, and offers the security you need to frequently share a connection with up to 10 WiFi devices.

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AirCard 763S Mobile Hotspot

Rogers Rocket Mobile Hotspot

Everyone wants their Internet everywhere. And now they can.

The AirCard® 763S Mobile Hotspot offers 4G LTE connectivity and gives mobile workers, travelers, or even families what they want: the freedom to get great Internet at home or on the go.

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AirCard 762S Mobile Hotspot

DNA 4G WLAN Mokkula

4G LTE connectivity is now ready to go anywhere.

Accessing 4G LTE service or connectivity with the AirCard® 762S Mobile Hotspot brings enormous potential for mobile workers, travelers, or even families looking to expand their Internet capabilities at home or on the go. 

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AirCard Smart Cradle

Transform your NETGEAR AirCard mobile hotspot into a powerful LTE router with this AirCard Smart Cradle. With high-gain internal 4G/3G antennas and external Wi-Fi antennas, 1 USB port and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, users can maximize the power of their mobile Wi-Fi network and get the ultimate range and performance needed for homes and offices. 

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Ethernet and Antenna Charging Cradle

This latest cradle from NETGEAR is equipped with an Ethernet port to provide tethered Internet connectivity from your mobile hotspot to your desktop, laptop, printer, network attached storage (NAS), media server or any other Ethernet-enabled device. Furthermore, this cradle has two TS9 connectors for external antennas, so you can boost the range and get high-speed wireless Internet access that goes the distance.

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Desktop Cradle for AirCard 77XS

Charge your battery and boost signal strength at the same time.

The desktop cradle is the perfect solution to get even more value out of your AirCard® 77XS Mobile Hotspot. It includes integrated MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) antennas for faster download speeds over 4G LTE networks and a fast battery charger.

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MIMO Antenna

With 2 TS-9 Connectors

Extend your signal range indoors or in fringe network areas. 

This external antenna plugs into your 3G/4G AirCard® USB Modems or Mobile Hotspots to boost speeds and extend coverage in buildings or vehicles, or from remote sites where network coverage is sparse.

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Replacement Battery for Mobile Hotspots

Rechargeable battery for the AirCard 801S 

NETGEAR Aircard's rechargeable battery has the same Lithium Ion technology as included in the original. As a result, you can use and share your mobile hotspot for up to 4 hours while surfing the web or up to 36 hours on standby.

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Desktop Cradle for AirCard 803S

Sprint® 4G LTE TriFi Hotspot

The AirCard® 803S Desktop Cradle provides charging capabilities, improved 3G and 4G mobile broadband performance indoors, and Internet connectivity for your laptop or WiFi device.

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