Your Life. Connected.

Want peace of mind when you're away from your home or business? VueZone is an incredibly simple and convenient way to see what's happening from your smartphone, tablet or computer...

Check on kids and family

See if they're home from school, if homework is done or if loved ones are feeling better.

Fun with Fido

Make sure your pets are being nice to each other -- and your home.

Special delivery

See if that package has arrived at your front door.

Get motion alerts

No matter where you are, you can see who or what is moving back at home.

See Everything...

That moves. 

VueZone cameras include motion detection so you never miss anything. You'll be notified with an email snapshot or video clip of the scene. 

In the dark. 

VueZone day and night vision cameras see in total darkness – even when you can't. 

On the go. 

VueZone includes FREE mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can view a live camera anytime, from anywhere. 

See how NETGEAR VueZone is the easiest-to-install video monitoring system for your smart home.

100% Wire Free. No Power Cords.

Remote video monitoring has never been easier. VueZone cameras are the ONLY video monitoring cameras that are truly 100% wire free. That's right—not even power cords to worry about. Because you don't need to run camera wires or power cords, VueZone installs in less than 10 minutes. Ingenious magnetic mounts let you place cameras just about anywhere, and move them in seconds to view another spot.

Easy To Start. Easy To Expand.

Everything you need is included with a VueZone System. Just provide a high-speed Internet connection. A few minutes after opening the box, you'll be watching live video remotely. FREE Basic Service lets you do everything from viewing live cameras on your smartphone, tablet or computer, to getting motion alerts and more. Easily expand your system anytime to add more cameras, more cloud storage, and more capabilities. Start small and add up to 15 cameras. VueZone grows to meet your growing home needs.

Place Anywhere... Even Outdoors.

VueZone cameras can be placed anywhere with accessory mounts – even outside with the optional Outdoor Shell. Rain or shine... you're fine.

See Your Home From Anywhere.

 A motion-activated camera placed at your front entry can record anyone at the door, notify you, and act as a deterrent to vandalism or theft. Or keep an eye on the inside of your home to watch over housekeepers and technicians.

NETGEAR VueZone Home Video Monitoring

Expecting A Package?

A VueZone camera on your front door lets you know when that special delivery has arrived.

Babysit The Sitter.

Nanny cams are a great way to keep an eye on your little ones when you can't be there, and VueZone cameras are the easiest and fastest way to get started.

Check On The Kids While You're Away.

Whether you're traveling or just down the street, VueZone lets you remotely see what the kids are up to when you aren't there.

What Are The Pets Up To?

Is your dog or cat being a little rascal or an angel when you're away? Is your cat ready to have that litter of kittens? How well is your pet sitter treating your special buddy? VueZone lets you know with your own pet cam.

Spend A Few Seconds In Your Second Home.

VueZone Home Monitoring System is the perfect choice for vacation home monitoring. Aim a camera through a window and see the leaves fall at the cabin. Take a virtual trip from the office.

Peace Of Mind For Your Elderly Or Disabled Loved Ones.

Whether it's for Mom or Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, or a great Aunt, more and more caregivers are turning to "granny cams" for peace of mind, or for important medical conditions. VueZone gives you peace of mind.

Yard Cam. Barn Cam. Outdoor Cam.

It's your choice—point your VueZone camera through a window to see if the yard work is done. Or mount your camera outside in the accessory Outdoor Shell to protect it from the weather.

Start With One Camera. Or Two Is Twice As Nice.

VueZone is a flexible system that can be expanded up to 15 cameras. Start by picking a one or two camera system, which includes a base station that controls your cameras. After that, you can add more cameras anytime with just a click of a button. 

You can even monitor multiple locations. Just get one starter kit per location–one for your home and one for your vacation home. Then add mounts to suit your location – like an Outdoor Shell.

Service Options to Fit Your Needs.

Every VueZone system includes FREE Basic service with our most popular features – everything you need to remotely view your home, family, pets, or property. Basic service includes live video monitoring, motion alerts and remote motion arm/disarm on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Need more cameras? Got more locations? Upgrade to the Premier service plan for up to 5 cameras, video email alerts and secure cloud storage. The Elite service plan supports up to 15 cameras and three base stations for multiple homes or locations. 

Mount Anywhere... Even Outdoors.

Each VueZone system includes ingenious peel-and-stick magnetic mounts. Since you can move wire-free cameras in seconds, you'll want more mounts in more places to see more stuff. Even mount outdoors protected from rain with the Outdoor Shell.

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Home Video Monitoring System
VueZone-Home Video Monitoring System
Model: VZSM2200

Home Video Monitoring System
VueZone-Home Video Monitoring System
Model: VZSM2700

Home Video Monitoring System
VueZone-Home Video Monitoring System
Model: VZSM2720

Home Video Monitoring System
VueZone-Home Video Monitoring System
Model: VZSX2800

Home Video Monitoring System
VueZone-Home Video Monitoring System
Model: VZSX2900

Indoor Camera
VueZone-Indoor Camera
Model: VZCB2010

Motion Detection Camera
VueZone-Motion Detection Camera
Model: VZCM2050

Day/Night Vision Camera with Motion Detection
VueZone-Day/Night Vision Camera with Motion Detection
Model: VZCN2060

Table/Ceiling Mount
VueZone-Table/Ceiling Mount
Model: VZMB2010

Outdoor Shell
VueZone-Outdoor Shell
Model: VZMS2050

Wall Mount 4-Pack
VueZone-Wall Mount 4-Pack
Model: VZMT1000

Window Mount
VueZone-Window Mount
Model: VZMW2010