Work-from-home made easy for our partner's business customers


Your customers are moving to a more remote-friendly working environment, and setting up a secure and reliable work-from-home network is not easy. As NETGEAR is aware of our partners' goal to help customers succeed, NETGEAR is offering employer sponsored Work-from-Home kits just for our trusted partners!

Discover NETGEAR's Work-from-Home kit to help your customers maintain a high level of communication quality, and provide continuous support for their employees’ at-home networking needs.

Work-from-Home Challenges


Challenges your customers and their employees' may encounter while setting-up a work-from-home network:

  • Employee technical insight: employees may not have the knowledge to create a clean, noise-free, dedicated, high-bandwidth WiFi connection for work that co-exists with their home WiFi environment
  • Security: employees use their home WiFi networks that often have low security measures putting business data at risk
  • Support and troubleshooting: it may be difficult for employees to debug network problems when they occur without access to immediate resources
  • Flexible workspace: employees need connectivity that covers the entire home while competing against other family members on WiFi bandwidth reducing your employee’s effectiveness

NETGEAR Work-from-Home Kit


Specially designed for our partners and their customers, NETGEAR is launching a productivity kit of networking products that allows your customers to quickly set up a high-quality WiFi network for their employees to enhance productivity at home, and ability for your customers to perform IT support remotely.

  • Kit includes 8 WAC510 WiFi access points and 1-Year Insight subscription
  • Enhance your customer's employees' productivity at home with dedicated and optimized WiFi for work, including channel and band selection
  • Remotely configure WiFi access points to set up the wireless network in all your customer's employees' home networks at once
  • Remotely monitor and support the WiFi access points installed in your customer's employees' homes

Advantages for You and Your Customers


  • Easy to deploy and install work-from-home solutions for your customers
  • Preconfigured hardware ready to ship out
  • Your customers can centrally manage all their employees' networks
  • Prepackaged Marketing kit: all marketing materials needed to help you and your customers included. Kit includes an email for you to send out to your customers, employer and employee guides, and installation videos
  • Great margins

Get Started


  1. Select the predefined pack (Kit includes 8 high performance 802.11ac Dual Band WiFi access points (WAC510) + 1-Year of Insight management)
  2. Create a business Insight account and configure all units without opening the box
  3. Ship out the devices to your customer's employees’ homes for them to simply plug in
  4. Set up device configuration and SSID settings automatically and remotely by Insight
  5. Employee connects WAC510 to an existing network and follows simple steps to set up their WiFi

Employer Guide
Employee Guide