Access Your Files From Anywhere
ReadyNAS enables access to data from all the computers in a local network or from any of your mobile devices using ReadyNAS Remote.

Protect Your Precious Data
As a unified storage device with automatic RAID protection, you know your data is always safe and secure for when you need it.

Backup Remotely With Apple Time Machine
Duo or NV+ is the only secure and private NAS solution available for backing up your Mac while on-the-go.

Synchronize Files Across Devices
Exclusive ReadyDROP application allows Dropbox-like file synchronization across all your devices with no subscription fee.

Stream Video Directly to Mobile Devices
With ReadyDLNA, stream video files directly to your smart TV, iOS or Android device for watching what you want, wherever you are.

ReadyNAS Remote App
Access your NAS files from anywhere you happen to be.

ReadyDLNA App
Stream video directly to your iOS or Android device.

Automatically sync files across your PC’s, Mac’s and mobile devices.

Cloud managed replication of data between multiple ReadyNAS devices.


ReadyNAS Duo v2 ReadyNAS NV+ v2

Maximum capacity

2-bay, 6TB 4-bay, 12TB

Unified storage for PC, Mac or Linux devices

Access files from anywhere with ReadyNAS Remote

Stream data directly to any mobile device with ReadyDLNA

Remote Backup for Apple Time Machine

Free Dropbox-like file synchronization across devices

LED display

Starts at $199
Buy Now

Starts at $299
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