Facebook Wi-Fi

Facebook Wi-Fi turns your router into a WiFi hotspot, prompting customers searching for WiFi to check in and like your Facebook Page before using the web for free. This opens the door to building closer relationships with your customers by sharing offers and announcements, boosting engagement on your Facebook page, and accessing aggregate insights about your customer base.

Powered by NETGEAR

NETGEAR and Facebook have worked together to bring you a best-in-class technology that enables faster and seamless social connection between you and your customers, increases the visibility and discoverability of your business on Facebook, and provides deeper analytics for better-targeted marketing decisions.

Go 3X Faster with 802.11ac Technology

Whether your customers are using smartphones, tablets, or laptops, NETGEAR 802.11ac products can bring their surfing experience at your business to a new blazing-fast level.

NETGEAR’s proprietary Facebook Wi-Fi app works with compatible NETGEAR 802.11ac Smart Routers to let customers check in to receive free WiFi from the business they are visiting, using their Facebook login.

Upgrade your router firmware to work with Facebook Wi-Fi.

Why Facebook Wi-Fi?

You will no longer need to spend time and resources providing a WiFi password to guests. Together with the intuitive setup flow (and no additional maintenance), Facebook Wi-Fi means a better user experience for both you and your customers.

How does it work?

It's easy to set up your router so your customers can access free WiFi by checking in to your location on Facebook. Once your customers check in, they have the option to like your Page, so you can continue to reach them with your future posts. Share offers and promotions on your Page so that when people check in, it's the first thing they'll see.

Will it really help my business?

Facebook has run early pilots with local merchants who all saw a significant uplift in their number of check-ins, after installing Facebook Wi-Fi. Check-ins can help make your business more discoverable, as check-ins can show up in News Feed, and help people find you in Graph Search.

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Where can I find help on how to use Facebook Wi-Fi?

To learn how to set up Facebook Wi-Fi for your business, click here.