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Ocuity 500 Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP Camera

Daring design. Ultimate functionality. Best-in-class flexibility and customization. Exclusive MagnaFast mounting

The NETGEAR Ocuity 500® Wireless IP Camera begins with a customizable and discreet form factor, then adds a super-fast 802.11n, dual-band selectable network connection and a built-in battery to offer the fastest, most comprehensive connection, wherever the camera is placed, even during power outages.

Model: HMNC500
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Key Benefits

  • Crystal clear video anywhere in the home
  • Installs in minutes using Push’N’Connect technology with WPS
  • Comprehensive whole home coverage with superior dual-band WiFi
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Maintains a complete video record even through power outages
  • Move cameras on-the-fly to nearly any location within the home to monitor activities or events
  • Multiple power management modes to maximize battery life without missing an event
Internal Video Storage (optional Micro SD card)
  • No loss of video, even if the connection to the network is compromised. The camera stores the video and automatically syncs up with remote storage solutions, when the network becomes available.
Advanced Motion Detection
  • Unique combination of video motion and audio detection for occupancy sensing
  • Innovative audio detection technology for enhanced security
  • Built-in infrared LEDs allow for quality video even in the dark
Aesthetic Excellence
  • Easy customization with printable skins to further blend the camera in with existing décor

Key Features

  • HD Camera with 720p resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Infrared LEDs for clear pictures up to 7 meters in total darkness
  • 802.11n selectable dual-band (2.4 GHz/5.0 GHz)
  • 2-hour battery back-up with rechargeable LI battery
  • MicroSD card slot for extended memory
  • H.264 compression
  • 107-degree field of view
  • Integrated microphone with echo cancellation
  • Built-in speaker
  • Extensive mounting options to support advanced features like pan/tilt and flexible connectivity options
  • Full range of peripherals
Product Number
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  • Ocuity 500 Wireless Indoor IP Camera
  • 720p (1280x720)
Frame Rate
  • 30 FPS at 720p
Memory Buffer
  • 30-second rolling buffer for pre-trigger event recording
Low-Light Capability
  • 1 Lux (without IR LED)
Night Vision
  • 0 Lux - Range: 7M
Field of View
  • 107 degrees diagonal
  • Reset button to restore the camera to factory default settings
  • WPS
  • Power
  • 2 bi-color (Red/Green) Power and Network LEDs
Power Supply
  • 120 VAC to 5 VDC 1A with Mini-USB Connector
  • 802.11n dual-band selectable - 2x2 with WPS 2.0
  • Microphone for audio with echo cancellation
  • Support for audio output (built-in speaker and optional audio output available on select mounting accessories)
  • Rechargeable Battery supports 2 hours of streaming video in the event of a power outage
Power Management
  • Power management subsystem providing several power management modes to maximize battery life in different applications
Mounting Solution
  • Modular mounting with integrated wiring as well as adaptable temporary mounting solutions for tabletop and magnetic mounting. The intelligent mounting accessories instantly recognize the camera and provide dynamic configuration changes. Mounting accessories include:
  • Extended battery lifestyle mount
  • Wall/Ceiling mount
  • Desk/Shelf mount (included)
  • Flex Tri-Pod (battery only)
  • Pan/Tilt mount
Expandable Memory
  • Micro SD for video storage supplementing NAS or Cloud storage
  • MagnaFast system allows one camera to work with a complete family of peripherals, eliminating cable clutter and the need for tools, to move the camera in seconds.
Firmware Upgrades
  • Supports secure, reliable Over-the-Air upgrades