Meet the NEW ProSAFE® M4200 Managed Intelligent Edge Series.

Dedicated Multi-Gigabit switching designed for high speed Wave 2 802.11ac deployments.

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Gigabit wired networks – the new bottleneck for wireless

2016 will herald the arrival of Wave 2, 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 802.11ac access points able to support wireless speeds of 3.2Gbps and more – faster than 1 Gigabit wired connections. Depending on your environment, more connections per access point combined with faster throughput will push 1 Gigabit wired connections to the limit. Enter “multi-gigabit” switching. Enter the unrivalled ProSAFE M4200 Series.

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Unrivalled flexibility, built for the future

The new M4200 series supports multi–gigabit speeds over existing Cat5e and Cat6 cabling based on the NBASE-T™ alliance to deliver cost and efficiency savings:

  • Leverage Cat5e and Cat6 cable runs to deliver speeds of 1, 2.5 and 5 Gigabit with 10 Gigabit uplinks
  • Connect 8 PoE+ enabled multi-gigabit Wave 2 11ac access points (240W power budget)
  • Plenum rated, easy mount form factor supports flexible mounting inside and outset wiring closets
  • Lifetime warranty, Lifetime Next Business Day replacement and Lifetime Technical support included as standard*
*Next Business Day replacement regional variances apply.
Check with your local NETGEAR account team for applicability

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“We've seen tremendous interest in next generation 802.11ac wave 2 WiFi access point technology, but companies are concerned about the ability of their wired infrastructure to keep up with the higher throughput enabled by 802.11ac wave 2. NETGEAR's introduction of new aggregation switches with 2.5G to the access points and line-rate 10G to the wiring closet allows end user organizations to cost-effectively upgrade bandwidth and avoid creating new bottlenecks.”

Matthias Machowinski - IHS Technology - Senior Research Director

Get the right design, designed right

As faster, more capable Wave 2 access points enter the market, don't let your switched network become the weakest link.
Now is the time to choose the ProSAFE M4200 series.
Get Wave 2 ready with M4200