Mobile Hotspot Tips

Explore these tutorials to discover the key features, user interface and customization options for your NETGEAR AirCard® device.


If your mobile hotspot is not working properly there are some things that you can do to resolve the problem before calling for support.

Basic Triage

To learn more about how to use and customize your mobile hotspot, please consult the documentation (i.e., Quick Start guide, User Guide, and Online Help). Here are some general troubleshooting tips to follow:

  • Examine the information on the LCD.
    • Check the signal icon to ensure sufficient signal strength. Try relocating the device near a window and away from RF interference to see whether this improves the signal strength
    • Get realistic about speed expectations by examining the radio technology being used. 4G technology is faster than 3G technology. Verify that the mobile hotspot is set to automatically select the best available network through the Advanced WAN settings in the Homepage
    • Verify the number of connected Wi-Fi devices. The greater the number of devices concurrently sharing the mobile broadband connection the slower the performance
    • Confirm that you are trying to connect using the correct SSID and Wi-Fi keyas displayed on the LCD
  • Turn off the device, wait a few moments, then turn on the device and try connecting again
  • Perform a factory reset to reload the original default settings
  • Before requesting help, gather and save detailed information about your device to a file by using the “About Your Mobile Hotspot” Homepage option