Mobile Hotspot Tips

Explore these tutorials to discover the key features, user interface and customization options for your NETGEAR AirCard® device.

Tech Tips

Listed below are answers to some of the common questionsasked of the NETGEAR Technical Support team. For more answers visit

Q: How do I change security settings from within the Homepage?

A: To change any security setting within the Homepage you first need to log in as Administrator and then go to the appropriate security menu to change an option. For example, to change the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or Wi-Fi Security Key on an AirCard 76xS Mobile Hotspot, you would:

  1. From Advance Settings, click Wi-Fi > Network
  2. Make the desired changes and click Save
  3. Click OK to restart Wi-Fi

Q: How can I learn more about the advanced settings from within the Homepage?

A: In addition to the information found in the User Guide, you can have Help text automatically display on the screen whenever you roll your mouse over a Homepage setting. For example, on an AirCard 76xS Mobile Hotspot, you would select the option to Show mouse rollover help from the Advanced Settings screen.

Q: Why can’t I use the Homepage when accessing my corporate network with a VPN?

A: If you are connected to a corporate network, there may be DNS issues created by the VPN that will prevent you from accessingtheHomepage by entering its address in your browser. In these instances, enter the IP address for the Homepageinstead. For example, on an AirCard 760S instead of entering http://aircard.hotspot enter

Q: Why is the usage counter not updating on my Mobile Hotspot?

A: The Mobile Hotspot will query the (billing) server approximately every 6 hours. Usage may not be updated if there are issues accessing the carrier’s billing server. There is no user interface option to reset the data counter.

Q: How do I connectan external antenna?

A: Before you can connect an antenna you may need to first flip up any antenna covers (depending on the model). If you are using an antenna with LTE MIMO capability then connect it to the two TS-9 antenna connectors on the hotspot.

If you are connecting only a single antenna, use the connector labeled “1”.

Q: How can I reset my mobile hotspot?

A: You can reset the mobile hotspot to factory setting either through the device orthrough the Homepage. Consult your documentation as steps vary depending on the hotspot model. For example, for the AirCard 760S you would press and hold the WPS button and Power key simultaneously for 5 seconds; whereas, for the AirCard 754S you would remove the back cover and insert a thin object into the Reset pinhole and hold for 5 seconds.