Mobile Hotspot Tips

Explore these tutorials to discover the key features, user interface and customization options for your NETGEAR AirCard® device.

Power Management

Your mobile hotspot can be powered by connecting it to an AC wall outlet, attaching it to the USB port on your computer, or through the included rechargeable battery.When you are workingin areas without AC power you will want to maximize the life of your battery.

How to Improve Battery Life

Here are some general tips on how to improve battery life:

  • Manually power off the hotspot device when it is not in use
  • When you only need mobile broadband for a single computer, tether the hotspot device to your computer via the USB cable and disable Wi-Fi
  • Configure the following options through the Homepage
    • Use a short Wi-Fi range
    • Turn off or decrease the brightness of the LCD
    • Limit the number of Wi-Fi users
    • Ensure you are using the latest firmware version. This can be verified from
  • Purchase an extended battery accessory