Product Tutorials

Explore these tutorials to discover the key features, user interface and customization options for your NETGEAR AirCard® device.

NETGEAR AirCard® 770S Mobile Hotspot

The AirCard 770S Mobile Hotspot is the third generation of AirCard Mobile Hotspots. It is exclusively available as the AT&T Unite. Learn More

NETGEAR AirCard® 340U USB Modem

The AirCard 340U is our latest industry-leading USB Modem and the first to have an LCD interface. It is exclusively available as the AT&T Beam. Learn More

NETGEAR AirCard® 803S Mobile Hotspot

The AirCard® 803S is our first Tri-Network mobile hotspot, providing connectivity on LTE, WiMAX and CDMA networks allowing customers to access the fastest 3G or 4G technology available. The AirCard 803S has been rebranded by Sprint as the Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot. Learn More

NETGEAR AirCard® 76xS Mobile Hotspot Product Family

The AirCard® 76xS Mobile Hotspot product family includes the Telstra / BigPond Mobile Wi-Fi 4G, NetIndex NI-760S, DNA Mokkula 4F LTE WLAN S, the Rogers LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot, 4G LTE Sierra Wireless 763 Turbo Hotspot and AirCard® 763S 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. Learn More