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USB Modems for WiFi Hotspots

Mobile Broadband Connectivity: No notebook card slots. No problem.

AirCard® USB modems provide 3G or 4G mobile broadband connectivity to any computer with a USB port, making them widely compatible and an ideal solution for notebook computers without card slots. NETGEAR offers a full range of USB modems supporting the latest mobile broadband network technologies in eye-catching, innovative designs. All AirCard USB modems are compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and offer automatic software installation directly from the devices themselves, making them quick and convenient to install and use.

  • Network Coverage
  • LCD Display
  • Global Roaming
  • MicroSD Slot

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AirCard 340U USB Modem
AirCard 340U USB Modem
Model: 340U

AirCard 341U USB Modem
AirCard 341U USB Modem
Model: 341U