The Instant, Easy Way to Turn Video Surveillance on for Your Business

NETGEAR combines leading storage and switching solutions together with sophisticated network video recording software to provide an affordable and easy to install and manage surveillance solution. Small businesses and corporate branch offices require a secure way to protect physical assets, but may lack deep security expertise or a big budget. A user-friendly NVR system should combine fast and flexible configuration with easy operation. With a few simple steps for installation, the web-based management leads users to configure, monitor and playback video everywhere. UPnP search, auto camera detection and GUI schedule save setting-up time, while the easy drag and drop camera, auto scan, preset point patrolling, and multiple views offer users a prime monitoring experience.

Network Video Recording software that enables up to 64 cameras for each ReadyNAS. Notable features and benefits include:

  • A simple way to expand the usability of your ReadyNAS
  • View, manage, and record video from up to 64 IP cameras per ReadyNAS
  • Combine multiple ReadyNAS units to create large scalable solutions
  • Simple intuitive user interface
  • View video from a computer using a web browser or through one of the free downloadable mobile applications
  • Utilize existing data protection features of ReadyNAS to ensure video surveillance data is protected
  • Receive event alerts via email
  • Compatible with major IP brands, supporting over 2000 camera models
  • Support megapixel and high-definition video
Product Number
RNNVR01L-10000S, RNNVR02L-10000S, RNNVR04L-10000S
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Management & System
  • Open Platform which supports over 2000 IP cameras from all top manufacturers
  • Automatic Camera Detection: Simple search for available cameras on the network
  • Storage optimization: Supports MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 video formats
  • Supports panomorphic (360 degree) lens
  • Graphical Recording Scheduler: simple day or week mode recording schedule formats
Events & Actions
  • Motion Detection (if supported by the camera)
  • Connection Lost
  • Camera Input
  • System Events
  • Alerts via email and camera output
ReliableMulti-Tier User Authentication
  • Administrator
  • Power User
  • User
  • Guest
  • Camera Status and User Access
  • Event Logs
  • Export and Backup Log
Remote Operation
  • Multiple Live View Cameras: Up to 64 cameras per web client or Windows client app (see data sheet for maximum camera counts per ReadyNAS)
  • Multiple Playback Cameras: Up to 16 cameras in web playback (Windows Internet Explorer only) and 16 channels in Remote Playback application (Microsoft Windows only)
  • Multi-View: Duplicate a single camera into multiple views
  • Stream Profile: Recorded and remote viewed video can have different settings to optimize for remote access and recording
  • E-Map: Show device indicator on map for easily finding and tracking events and devices
  • Mobile Clients available for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android
Playback, Search, Export
  • Post-Recording Processing: Intelligent Search, Digital PTZ, and Video Enhancement tool
  • Intelligent Search: Search Recorded video for 5 events including general motion, foreign object, missing object, loss focus, and camera occlusion
  • Video Enhancement: fine tune image’s visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast, and grey scale
  • Evidence Export: Snapshot and print video image in BMP/JPEG; backup video in DAT; save video in ASF/AVI
  • Action Notification: Notify users on camera and system events through digital output on camera and email
  • Watermark: Protect original recording from alteration with watermark verification tool
Data Security
  • Auto-Backup: automatically backup the recorded video from a previous day to an FTP server
  • Manual Backup: manual backup or delete recording
ReadyNAS Platform Support
  • ReadyNAS 102/104
  • ReadyNAS 312/314/316
  • ReadyNAS 516/716
  • ReadyNAS 2120
  • ReadyNAS 3220/4220
Software License
  • A 30-day free trial (up to 64 cameras) or a single permanent camera license will be enabled when ReadyNAS Surveillance is installed on the ReadyNAS. After trial period, a license must be purchased. Review data sheet for licensing information
  • RNNVR01L-10000S: ReadyNAS Surveillance Single Camera license
  • RNNVR02L-10000S: ReadyNAS Surveillance 2-Camera license
  • RNNVR04L-10000S: ReadyNAS Surveillance 4-Camera license
  • Keen performance , pricing and a generous feature set makes the ReadyNAS 516 a worthy contender

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  • The ReadyNAS 314 is a very capable unit that demonstrates that NETGEAR has stepped up its business NAS development this year.

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  • For organizations who need video coverage for whatever reason, the NETGEAR solution is a breeze to deploy and compatible with most IP cameras on the market today.

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