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End Time and Space-Eating Full Backups, Forever!

ReadyRECOVER is a complete backup and recovery appliance designed for small and medium-sized business. Next-generation file system technology guarantees data integrity, efficient use of storage capacity and minimal impact to computing resources.

With ReadyRECOVER, incremental snapshots, taken as often as every 15 minutes, generate full backups instantly.  Each point in time backup is ready to quickly and reliably recover Windows systems, including Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint servers, into production mode on any platform – physical or virtual.  Each backup is also ready for fast, simple recovery of files or folders. 

The challenges of traditional full backup techniques are solved with ReadyRECOVER delivering the speed and space savings of light-weight, incremental shapshots coupled with the benefits delivered by full backups including a simplified backup chain and retention process.

ReadyRECOVER is a seamless integration of the ReadyDATA unified storage platform from NETGEAR and ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software from StorageCraft. 

With ReadyRECOVER you can make a full backup every 15 minutes, forever!

  • Every backup writes only changed data, forever!
  • Every backup is verified in real time, forever!
  • Every backup is a full restore point, forever!
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Already Have a ReadyDATA?

If you already have a ReadyDATA then you are ready to get started. In fact, you can try ReadyRECOVER free for 30 days! Click on the link below to see how easy it can be to backup and recover your valuable business data.

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The ReadyRECOVER Backup and Storage Architecture

To address common backup challenges, ReadyRECOVER offers:

  • Fast and frequent backups, using block-level incremental forever technology. After the first full backup, never again run a slow running full backup. Most backup software claims to include incremental forever technology, but do not truly deliver on “forever” and often require monthly or yearly full backups, with incremental backups in between.
  • Real-time verification on write, means backups can run around the clock without the need for verification jobs or maintenance operations.
  • Centralized monitoring and alerting of backup tasks, agent health, storage consumption, and RAID/disk state.
  • WAN optimized replication means only unique backup data is ever replicated, delivering significant bandwidth savings.
  • Support for Windows-based Servers, Virtual Machines, Workstations and Laptops with support for all major Virtualization platforms including VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer.


The ReadyRECOVER Restoration Options

Restoration is the single most important part of any Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. For this reason ReadyRECOVER focuses on meeting the real-world needs in a disaster situation. ReadyRECOVER’s strengths include:

  • Single File Restore – Any 15 minute backup can be mounted instantly and individual files recovered. This capability means users don’t have to wait to get important files or application data back in the event of corruption or human error.
  • Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) – Full OS and Applications can be restored from an onsite or offsite ReadyDATA appliance. More importantly whole operating systems can be restored to any hardware or virtualization platform that is available at the time of a disaster.

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