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Energy Using Products (EuP) Directive

EuP Directive (2005/32/EC)

The EuP Directive establishes a framework for setting eco-design and minimum energy efficiency requirements for energy using products (EuP), imported into or sold in the European Union. Products are not subject to eco-design or energy efficiency requirements until an Implementing Measure has been issued covering that product class. Products covered by an Implementing Measure must comply by the date listed in the Implementing Measure. CE marking denotes a product is compliant with the Implementing Measure and the manufacturer must issue a declaration of conformity for the product. Currently there are three Implementing Measures (regulations) in force effective 2010:107/2009 Eco-design requirements for simple set-top boxes. NETGEAR does not sell set-top boxes.

278/2009 Eco-design requirements for external power supplies. NETGEAR products that comply with EN55022, Class B and use an external power supply are subject to regulation 278/2009, which becomes effective April 27, 2010. NETGEAR is working to ensure that products covered by 278/2009 will be compliant by the regulation deadline.

1275/2008 Eco-design requirements for standby and off mode electric power consumption of electrical and electronic household and office equipment. NETGEAR believes that its network routers, gateways, LAN switches and network attached storage appliances are outside of the scope of 1275/2008. These products may be subject to the Network Standby Regulation which has not yet been released.

NETGEAR networking adapters not powered directly from AC power mains are not covered by EuP regulations. Most NETGEAR business products are EN55022 Class A products, which class of products is also not subject to current EuP regulations. NETGEAR products sold in the European Union will comply with the applicable EuP Regulations, by the dates listed in the Regulation. This letter is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a legal representation and does not create or confirm the existence of any liability or obligation of NETGEAR.