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Q2 2020 Webinar Series

New Products, New Software, New Topics. Book your place now!

Learn more about the latest NETGEAR solutions and product offerings. Check out the newest line up of the NETGEAR Sales and Technical Webinar Series! Sign up to our upcoming webinars highlighting some of the latest wireless, storage, switching, surveillance, and application solutions that will change the economics of networking for your customers.

NETGEAR - Accelerating the Pro AV Market Adoption of AV over IP

Wed, April 8

The Pro AV market has been slow to fully adopt AV over IP technologies. This webinar will investigate why this is the case and examine what NETGEAR is doing to help accelerate the adoption rate. This presentation is a must-see for all sales or marketing professionals who are new to AV over IP technologies in the Pro AV segment!


Bridging the Connection Gap with NETGEAR AirBridge

Wed, April 29

Wirelessly joining two buildings on the same network costs a fraction of the labor, time and material of laying a wired Ethernet cable. NETGEAR now brings to market a solution that enables building-to-building high speed network connectivity of up to 9,000 ft apart! Register today to hear more on the AirBridge technology and its applications in extending networks across a large area.


NETGEAR Powering Networks for IP Surveillance Cameras

Wed, May 6

By definition, IP surveillance cameras run on IP networks. The network is the backbone of any modern surveillance system and this webinar will explore network design imperatives in capacity, efficiency, cost, reliability and security. Join us to learn more about the best practices in IP surveillance network.


Examining the IT Use Cases for the M4300 Switches

Wed, May 20

The M4300 has always been a part of the IT datacenter infrastructure. Join our webinar to examine all the possible IT use cases that the M4300 is designed for. This presentation is targeted for sales, VAR's, and marketing professionals who will market IT datacenter use cases for collaterals and handouts.