An instant performance upgrade for the connected home.

The booming demand for quality in-home content coupled with homes filled with devices has created an opportunity for service providers. With NETGEAR's high-performance, easy to install MoCA to WiFi and MoCA Coax Ethernet products, providers can bring new speed, range, and bandwidth to their customers home wired and wireless networks–using existing Cable and MoCA technology.

MoCA 2.0 to WiFi Extender


Get more internet for more devices with 500 Mbps MoCA 2.0 technology.

This plug-and-play MoCA-certified WiFi extender offers high speed internet throughout the home using existing cable and the Dual band WiFi N 600 Mbps Access Point.

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MoCA® Coax to Ethernet Adapter


Home networking using coax cabling

The use of network-connected devices continues to accelerate. End-users need a way to connect their multi-media devices to their coax networks. MoCA to Ethernet adapters provide device connectivity using coax as the home network backbone.

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