M4100 Series: Access

For intelligence at the network edge, these access layer switches are an extremely cost-effective component of converged voice, video and data networking solutions. Combining superior resiliency, advanced security, and comprehensive Layer 2, Lite Layer 3 and Layer 4 switching.

M4100 Series

M5300 Series: Access

Ideal for 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone architectures, the M5300 series solves the bottleneck caused by widespread deployment of Gigabit to the desktop. Virtual chassis stacking technology and Distributed link aggregation scale both the entire network’s performance and its redundancy.

M5300 Series

M7100 Series: Aggregation

10 Gigabit Aggregation offers 10 times the performance to meet the needs of Virtualization, and aggregating Gigabit Ethernet access layer switches. Virtual chassis stacking technology and Distributed link aggregations ensure reliable Top-of-Rack architectures. 

M7100 Series

M7300 Series: Aggregation

Purposely built for virtualization and distributed LACP, the M7300 Series is a Top-of-Rack stackable solution for Active-Active server teaming. The Series offers Aggregation and Core scalability with L3 Licensing.

M7300 Series

M8800 Series: Core

These Chassis Switches offer a modular, future-proof approach to consolidating data, voice and video networking services at lowest lifecycle cost. Hardware High Availability and Software High Availability features offer new automation, power and recovery capabilities.

M8800 Series