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NETGEAR Genie User Manual

Question #1:
Why am I getting "Login failed" in Desktop NETGEAR Genie, even though I can log in to

Answer: Your NETGEAR router does not yet support all Desktop NETGEAR Genie features. You can use many features, such as Internet diagnostics and repair, network map, and wireless connection management. You cannot use Desktop NETGEAR Genie to manage the router's wireless settings, guest access, and traffic metering. NETGEAR is working toward updating the firmware for existing routers to support all Desktop NETGEAR Genie features.

Question #2:
I can log in to my router using Desktop NETGEAR Genie, but I cannot manage router settings.

Answer: Similar to the answer for Question #1 above, some routers allow you to log in using Desktop NETGEAR Genie, but do not support updating the router settings yet.

Question #3:
I have a tri-band router. Desktop NETGEAR Genie only allows me to update 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz2 band but not the 5Ghz1 wireless settings.

Answer: This is a known fact in the current design and there is no plan to implement to support both 5Ghz band.

Question #4:
I sent a help request through "Feedback" in Desktop NETGEAR Genie, but I did not get a response.

Answer: The feedback through Desktop NETGEAR Genie is not designed to get technical support. It is meant to allow NETGEAR to collect comments or ideas about products or features. You might or might not get response from NETGEAR.

Question #5:
NETGEAR routers have a web interface, which allows me to manage all router settings. Why should I run Desktop NETGEAR Genie?

Answer: Desktop NETGEAR Genie allows you to manage a few frequently used features like guest access and traffic metering without having to know how to use the web GUI, but it does more than that. To name a few examples, Desktop NETGEAR Genie proactively monitors your computer's Internet connectivity and can help you to auto fix many common disconnection issues. It presents a network map that shows your complete network setup. You can also easily manage your computer’s wireless connections. Not all of these features are available through the router’s web GUI.