NETGEAR Welcomes AirCard

NETGEAR is pleased to welcome the AirCard product line to our NETGEAR family.

AirCard mobile broadband devices provide a simple way for you to stay connected from virtually anywhere, anytime. Browse through our industry-leading line of mobile hotspots, USB modems, accessories and software to find the solution that's right for you.

  • Convenient: Stay connected on the go
  • Fast: Top speeds on the fly
  • Secure: Access data with confidence
  • Simple: Quick and easy to use


  1. 1. What is AirCard?

    The AirCard product line (previously owned by Sierra Wireless) is a family of mobile broadband devices that provide a simple way to connect Laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices to the Internet from virtually anywhere your cell phone works, over 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks. AirCard modems are available for PC Card slots, ExpressCard slots, USB ports, or as mobile WiFi hotspots, from a variety of Mobile Service Providers.

  2. 2. Is NETGEAR acquiring Sierra Wireless (the company)?

    No, NETGEAR is only acquiring the AirCard family of products. Sierra Wireless will continue to exist as its own company.

  3. 3. How does this acquisition fit into NETGEAR’s product strategy?

    The acquisition accelerates NETGEAR’s mobile initiative within the service provider business unit to become a global leader in providing the latest in LTE data networking access devices.

  4. 4. How does this acquisition uniquely position NETGEAR to be successful over time?

    We believe that LTE network technology represents a huge market opportunity, especially in emerging markets and rural areas where high speed broadband Internet access is currently limited. This asset acquisition reinforces NETGEAR's commitment to develop innovative products for the next generation of Internet service providers.

  5. 5. What products are included in the AirCard line?

    The AirCard line consists of mobile broadband USB modems, mobile hotspots, data cards, software and accessories.

  6. 6. Will the Sierra Wireless employees that were working on the AirCard product line be retained?

    Approximately 160 employees located primarily in Carlsbad, California and Richmond, British Columbia are expected to be integrated into NETGEAR's service provider business under Michael Clegg, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NETGEAR's service provider business unit.

  7. 7. What will happen to the AirCard brand? Will NETGEAR keep AirCard as a sub-brand?

    NETGEAR will keep the AirCard name as part of the product line.

  8. 8. How will NETGEAR handle existing support customers of AirCard?

    All current AirCard product warranties will be honored.

  9. 9. Will NETGEAR be discontinuing any of the AirCard skus?

    The NETGEAR service provider product team will be evaluating the product line up and roadmap and will make changes as appropriate to the market.

  10. 10. Will the Sierra Wireless website continue to sell AirCard products directly from their website?

    AirCard products will not be sold on the Sierra Wireless website. AirCard products will be sold through NETGEAR’s channel partners. For information on which channel partners carry the AirCard products, see the “where to buy” link section on the AirCard product pages on